I Can't Get Placed in My Own Desires Humor Short Film on youtube.com and Amusing or Perish.

Dreams - From the leading duo of Benjamin Lindemuth-McRobie and Jan Ritzenberg (www.mygodbrother.com) is the hilarious funny short film I Can't Get Placed in My Own Dreams on youtube.com and Comical or Perish.

What if you had issues dating in real life? Today what if you couldn't actually get laid in your desires!?! That is the comedy trip of Benjamin Lindemuth-McRobie's persona "Sean" in I Can't Get Put in My Goals. Seeking authorities from his buddy/guru "Chris", performed by Mike Ritzenberg, Sean is convinced that Joe may train him into becoming put in his desires. Joe uses various tactics while Sean is resting to induce an assortment of comedically sexual figures in Sean's dream land. His antics contain hosing him down with Guitar Body apply, lighting a space high in candles, and giving him a forehead massage, all to no avail as nightmares from Sean's past retain haunting his dreams and taking apart his precious chances of becoming set.

Dreams - I Can't Get Laid in My Own Dreams is directed by Mygodbrother, (Coachella Count-Down, Hot or Displaced, and STuK- which was optioned in the year 2012 by CBS, and created by corp-originator of "Workaholics," Dominic Russo. Additional celebrities contain sketch comic Tony Cavalero (Modern Family, Adam Devine's House party, and 2 Broke Girls). Produced by Mygodbrother and Chris Osborn (Divorcing Christ, Exists, The Vampire Diaries). I Can't Get Laid in My Dreams is a comedy short film which has been featured on YouTube and Amusing or Die.



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